Blouberg: Petits Fours Delicatessen

On Thursday morning I had breakfast with my sister at Petits Fours situated on Stadler Road in Blouberg. And what a lovely place it is! For all the cake lovers out there: take note of Petits Fours. Their cake display is impressive enough to make anyone’s mouth water. If it wasn’t so early I would have had cake instead of break fast… Plus who wouldn’t want to enjoy a tea party on the beach front?

Petits Fours Bloubergstrand
Petits Fours Bloubergstrand

I enjoyed the Croque Moniseur al Poulet (R65) which is two slices of white bread filled with a grilled chicken breast, honey infused mustard, gruyere cheese and topped with a Bechamel sauce. All of this is baked until the cheese is nice and bubbly, pure heaven. Carla had the Madam Mia Delight (R67) which consists is a bacon, cheese and spring onion pancake stack layered with streaky bacon, two poached eggs, grilled halloumi cheese (yum), grilled peppers, cherry tomatoes and mint served with a home made tomato chutney on the side.

On the left my Croque Moniseur al Poulet and Carla's  Madam Mia Delight on the right
On the left my Croque Moniseur al Poulet and Carla’s Madam Mia Delight on the right

Madam Mia Delight
Madam Mia Delight

Petits Fours definitely offers good value for money with their large portion sizes. I am definitely going back for cake and will keep you updated on that expedition. To view Petits Fours’s menu have a look at their Facebook page. Also keep them in mind for after work drinks and lunch. The menu will definitely have something to satisfy your taste buds with.

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