Paternoster: Voorstrandt Restaurant

On a recent lunch visit to Paternoster myself and some family members enjoyed a meal at Voorstrandt Restaurant. We went there on recommendation from friends and were not dissappointed. Although we were warned to book in advanced we did not which was silly. The manager however made space for us despite the fact they they were full.

Since the menu isn’t large you can be sure to expect good food. My general thinking when it comes to restaurant menus are normally: the larger the menu the less special the food. Voorstrandt Restaurant proves this way of thinking right. The fish is fresh (you would not expect anything less as the restaurant is situated right on the beach) and prepared to perfection.

Below are some pictures of the local wine we had as well as some of the meals. I especially enjoyed the snoek samosas – definitely something to try when you visit them.
Snoek samosas Voorstrandt
Voorstrandt Restaurant

Calamari and hake combo with a serving of chips
Calamari and hake combo with a serving of chips

Fish curry
Fish curry

Be warned, chances of getting a seat without booking are slim. Thus be sure to make a booking. Get all their details and have a look at some appetizing pictures on their webite and facebook page.

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