Recipe: Date Squares

My folks recently gave me punnets of fresh dates. It came in handy when I wanted to make a snack for our 3 day Easter weekend hike. I opted for making this recipe I found on All Recipes. It is a quick recipe with things you will most likely already have in your cupboard. Made me think of a date crumble… yum!


The date squares worked well as a hiking snack and the buttery goodness kept us going as we hiked 16 km through a rain cloud on the first day. When we got to the hut more hikers joined and one of their watches read the temperature as -1°C! We were not quite prepared for those temperatures but at least our sleeping bags were suited for cold temperature so we slept well. Here is a few photos from our hike in Boosmansbos, about 3 hours from Cape Town.




You can spot the one hut in the last image, have a look in the bottom left corner. Beautiful views!

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