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Andrea Fourie

If you’ve just come across my blog for the first time allow me to extend a warm welcome. I am no professional blogger, chef, food stylist or food photographer. I am an amateur and in a sense this is my personal food diary. While it started out as a project for one of my subjects while studying it has now become my platform where I share my tried and trusted recipes with you as well as my thoughts on ingredients, restaurants and much more.

I am a food lover. I love chocolate (and most, if not all, things that contain chocolate.) I enjoy all types of food and believe the key to a healthy weight is small portions and a healthy lifestyle. I’ve tried diets before but my love for food means I never get through the first day and then I give up.

In order to make food a bigger part of daily life I completed my B Tech qualification in Consumer Science: Food & Nutrition at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology [2013]. Currently I am working in Cape Town’s food industry as a development technologist.

When I am not working with food or preparing a meal at home or sitting in a restaurant I like to spend time outdoors. There is nothing the like smell of fresh morning air when you go for a bike ride or the feeling you get once you’ve climbed a mountain. Not to mention the calmness you get from snorkelling. Cape Town is such a beautiful city; we have the mountain, the ocean, more than one forest and friendly people. Staying inside when there is so much to enjoy outside is difficult!

If you want to get in touch view my contact details on the Contact Me page.

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